Help Gabby Get Surgery

Sep 19, 2015

When volunteers saw Gabby she was hobbling on three legs and holding a swollen and blood leaking stump of a remaining leg close to her chest. After asking her “owners” about the cause of the injury the volunteers were disgusted by the flippant answer and the way the owners laughed when they said that Gabby had been hit by a car and chewed her leg of because of the pain. The man said to take the “bitch” because they didn’t want her and they better not get stuck with the bill.

We went the next day to save Gabby and rush her to the vet. What was discovered was something equally as horrid as their heartless and evil lie. Someone had chopped off part of Gabby’s leg below the knee joint. She had been suffering with this severe assault to her body for at least two months. The infection was raging and the blood that leaked from the stump was not from the actual injury but from the constant rubbing of the stump against her chest. Her flesh was rubbed raw to bleeding.

Yet even in her horrible condition, Gabby was sweet and trusting. She knew that we were there to help her and she still needs help now. Gabby is scheduled for surgery next week and we need all the support and prayers that she can get. Please help Gabby as she goes through this critical part of her recovery and care.

Also in the video you will notice a very sad white Pit Bull. As we approached him and Gabby he tried to bark fiercely but he soon stopped. This poor boy was defeated and worn out. He was sick and he too needs help. Gabby needed immediate help and we had to rush her to the vet but as we left, we promised the white Pit Bull that we would be back for him.

A cruelty report was made about both dogs with the Houston Humane Society. We hope for a positive report about the dogs.

Houston K-911 Rescue is a 501(c)(3) Non-profit charity. Your donations are tax deductible.

Any funds received in excess of the needs for Gabby and the white Pit Bull will be used for other dogs in the K-911 program.