Gus' Journey

Gus’ heartbreaking story of physical trauma and recovery has inspired people worldwide. He lived for months with deep wounds around his neck, a pumpkin sized,  swollen head, shattered left hip, and 26 pellets burned through his right torso.

He survived on the streets of Houston taunted by some but ignored by many. He was a dead dog walking among the living.

Gus was  just one of the thousands of street dogs who suffer in silence. They walk with broken bones, mange, starving for food and attention. These animals live in shear agony and loneliness. This shameful epidemic of animal homelessness also affects the souls of our communities. To witness the cruelty, neglect and abuses that these animals face on a daily bases causes emotional distress and hopelessness to our citizens.

Every homeless dog is another Gus. Just as important and just as deserving of a safe and loving home.

The streets and shelters are filled with dogs who want only to feel safe and loved. Gus is a call to everyone to wake up and help a dog in need. You might not be “boots on the ground” but there are always ways  to help.

Foster, Donate, Transport, Volunteer, Educate, Adopt, Spay and Neuter your pets. 

 Gus is the 2019 Hero Dog Award winner in the Shelter Category.

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