ELY: Chained and Abandoned

Mar 16, 2016

He had been living on this chain, under the house for weeks now since the owners moved away. The neighbor said that the dog stopped barking; he had given up. He was extremely vulnerable being exposed to the street with no protection other than the underbelly of the abandoned house. The stench of the urine soaked ground delivered a nauseating and putrid punch to the gut.

The first time we tried to coax him out and he gently took treats out of my hand but he refused to be led out from under the sanctuary of the house. We went back to the house the next morning and was outside, barely moving. We lifted him and took him immediately to Sunset Blvd. Animal Clinic where they took excellent care of him.

Ely is suffering from a very bad upper respiratory infection. He is badly anemic because of the hundreds of fleas that tormented his body. It’s going to be a slow road but one we are willing to walk with him. The dog will need a foster and financial resources for his vetting. Please consider giving a donation for Ely’s recovery via YouCaring.